When I look at my “before” and “after” the healing crisis pictures I am amazed to see the healing that took place in my body in just few months. I had been eating a 85% raw fruits and vegetables for over 9 months when my skin started to open up at various places oozing out (Lymph fluids) that stunk of rotten eggs. I later came to know (after watching a number Dr Robert Morse’s youtube videos that the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables had started to move my stagnant lymph that had been accumulating around my tissues. As my kidneys were not filtering and the adrenal glands were down the only place my body found to dump these acids was via the skin.

But during the time of healing crisis I had known about it and when most of my body got covered with these my wife and I started to panic. It reached a point where I was unable to move my legs at all (with so much swelling and lymph discharge). I decided to visit the emergency to have get checked out. The doc at the emergency diagnosed me with “a very bad case of Nummular Eczema” and gave antibiotics and corticosteroid medication. However, with the divine grace I somehow kept my sanity and decided to get rid of the prescription as soon as I left the hospital and continued my use of nutrition to help my body heal itself. (Read more about it in my post “healing crisis”).  As I continued to feed my body wide variety of fresh fruits and raw vegetable juices slowly but surely my symptoms started to fade away. It took about 5 months to go through this healing crisis but I felt a lot better once it was finally over. My various symptoms that are typically associated with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) also started to improve after this crisis was over.

It is my hope that the following pictures will inspire others to trust the healing potential of their bodies even when all seems to be lost. In essence, “We are what we eat”. If we provide our body the right kind of nutrition, it will reward us with health and wellness that we never thought was possible.


Before Pictures
After Pictures


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